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4th October 2016

East Midlands hospices create innovative animation to dispel myths

East Midlands hospices create innovative animation to dispel myths

Eight charity hospices from across the East Midlands have joined forces to create a hard-hitting animation entitled ‘The Elephant in the Room’ addressing head-on the subject of dying and aimed at raising awareness of hospice care within local communities.

The 90 second animation features a character who is told he is dying and his fears and worries become his own ‘Elephant in the Room’. The character and his elephant follow a journey through difficulties and challenges to then understand and receive hospice care and support.

The East Midlands Hospice Group have been working together for over a year and will be featuring the Elephant in the Room across their social media channels and websites during national Hospice Care Week (3-10 October).

The group includes Nottinghamshire Hospice based near Mapperley which provides nursing care and emotional support for adults and their families across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

George Cameron, chair of the group and Chief Executive of Treetops explained the importance of the project:

“When a person is told they are terminally ill, all sorts of thoughts go through their head but sometimes go unspoken and this forms an ‘elephant in the room’. Hospices are here to help patients discuss and come to terms with their fears and to understand what lies ahead for them; to dispel the concerns that have formed the elephant in their own lives.”

Rowena Naylor-Morrell, Chief Executive at Nottinghamshire Hospice added:

“Hospice Care Week enables us to share our understanding of what happens when someone we care about is given a limited time to live, its effect on families, loved ones and our communities. This East Midlands partnership is all about letting people in our local areas know that there is support and understanding available to them through hospice care.”

The hospices involved include:

  • Ashgate Hospicecare
  • Blythe House Hospice
  • Beaumond House Hospice
  • Dove Cottage Day Hospice
  • Nottinghamshire Hospice
  • St Barnabas Hospice
  • Treetops Hospice Care

For information on your local hospice services and a full list of hospices involved in the partnership, visit www.mylocalhospice.co.uk  to find out more.