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Jail and Bail

We’re on the hunt for ‘criminals’ to take part in our fundraising Jail and Bail event on 28th February.


Start date:

28 Feb 2019

Start time:


End time:



National Justice Museum, High Pavement, Nottingham NG1 1HN


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‘Jail & Bail’ will see local business people and other personalities arrested by the Sheriff of Nottingham then tried at the criminal court in the National Justice Museum where they will join Robin Hood in the dock, before being thrown in the cells.

Their only means of escape is to raise £250 in bail money.

Their crimes will be determined by their colleagues and might include such heinous offences as having too many shoes or not enough turns in the office tea run.

Legend has it that Robin Hood was found praying behind a screen in St Mary’s Church by a monk who subsequently tipped off the Sheriff of Nottingham who promptly arrested him. In our re-enaction of this, we are inviting sponsors and other hospice supporters to enter a participant in the event as a defendant.

We will release the list of the Sheriff’s most wanted in Nottingham soon, which will, of course, include Robin Hood but who can say who else might be among his band of outlaws? All will be revealed!

Thinking about handing yourself in…?

If you’d like to take part as a defendant, please fill in the short form below or call Gemma Taylor-Mahon on 0115 910 1008 ext 207.

The Hospice Fundraising team will be on hand to help with setting up a JustGiving page and other fundraising materials to help you reach your bail fee.

Thank you to Rothera Sharp Solicitors for sponsoring this event. They are also hosting a networking event after the trials so you can meet your fellow defendants and their colleagues.



Jail & Bail - Confess Your Crime!

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