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Forget-Me-Not Flower Care Instructions

Maintenance Guide: Metal ‘Forget Me Not’ Flowers

Our metal ‘Forget Me Not’ flowers are crafted from high-quality metal materials and hand-finished by workshop experts. These metal flowers have predominantly been designed for indoor use or placement within under cover exterior locations. However, if you do wish to place your flowers outdoors, we have detailed some general advice for you to follow below. Due to the adverse weather conditions seen throughout the colder months of the year, we strongly recommend that these flowers are stored indoors to remain in ‘like-new’ condition.

Hand-Painted Bespoke Metal Flowers

Each handmade from stainless steel, our hand-painted flowers are powder coated and have been treated with a fast-fading solution to help prolong the life of the colour. To preserve the life of the paint and metalwork, we advise customers to use a wax polish at 3-month intervals or as and when is required. These sculptures have been primarily designed for indoor or sheltered outdoor locations, where they can stay clear of adverse and harsh weather conditions. If kept in direct sunlight, the flower may fade over time. Please keep the flower indoors during periods of harsh weather (e.g. during winter and when there is likely to be a frost, snow or heavy rain).