2023 TCS London Marathon - Nottinghamshire Hospice
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2023 TCS London Marathon

Date: Sunday 23rd April 2023
Location: London
Minimum sponsorship amount: £1500

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The TCS London Marathon is one of the most famous running events in the world. Thousands of people from all over the globe take part running through the streets of London past some of the most iconic landmarks.

We’re looking for people to run the 2023 Marathon to help us continue our care and support out in the Nottinghamshire community.

If you’ve got your own ballot place we’d love you to be part of Team Notts Hospice! Get in touch with the team on fundraising@nottshospice.org so we can support you with your training and fundraising every step of the way.

As a member of Team Notts Hospice you’ll get:

  • A branded water bottle to use when you train.
  • A branded running T-Shirt to show that you’re a proud member of Team Notts Hospice.
  • A fundraising guide outlining ideas and suggestions on how to raise the minimum sponsorship amount of £1500.
  • Support from a dedicated member of the Nottinghamshire Hospice fundraising team.
  • Opportunity to chat with other runners and share ideas on training and fundraising.
  • And lots more treats along your training journey!
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Why Run for Nottinghamshire Hospice?

Each year we need to raise at least £3 million to provide care and support to patients facing end of life across all of Nottinghamshire. Last year we cared for over 2300 patients and we need your support to meet the growing demand for our service.

Your support will help Nottinghamshire people with a palliative diagnosis to live as actively and well as possible. A sponsorship amount of £1500 for example will fund 19 wellbeing sessions for our patients. These wellbeing sessions are patient-led and range from arts and craft sessions to exercise and relaxation, maximising patients’ potential to live as independently as possible, regain old skills and develop new ones.

When you run the TCS London Marathon 2023 for Nottinghamshire Hospice you really will add life to days for people in your community.

To experience what the hospice does is life changing. I come here every week, get a free massage which means my use of my head and neck muscles are actually better than nine months ago. But it’s not just the care, it’s the atmosphere, the people and the friendships.

For more information about running the TCS London Marathon 2023 for Nottinghamshire Hospice, or supporting us in any other way, please contact our Fundraising team on fundraising@nottshospice.org