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Forget-Me-Not Pin Badges

Buy one of our beautiful collectable Forget-Me-Not pin badges in memory of someone special and take their memory with you everywhere you go

New for 2022, these limited edition Forget-Me-Not pin badges are the first in a series of collectables that will feature in our campaigns. With a limited number available be sure to get yours now!

Forget-Me-Not Pin Badge

Our beautiful collectable Forget-Me-Not pin badges can be worn in memory of someone special to take their memory with you everywhere you go.

Size: 23mm x 23mm

Forget Me Not Pin Badge

How your purchase will make a difference

When you buy a Forget-Me-Not pin badge you’ll be supporting someone to get the care and support they need to help them through their grief.

“I wasn’t aware that pre-bereavement counselling existed before Mum’s diagnosis, but it’s been a lifeline when I didn’t have anywhere else to turn.”

– Louise

“It has really helped to have someone unrelated to talk to where there was no pressure to keep everything in. Bereavement counselling was the answer, I’d recommend it to anyone.”


“If it wasn’t for the hospice, I don’t think I’d be here. They saved me from the depths of despair. I’m so grateful for the support, and for the fact that they are still there for me.”


Adding life to days

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If you’d like to chat to us about our Forget-Me-Not pin badges, or find out more about other ways to support us, please contact us on or 0115 910 1008 option 5.

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