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Retail Visual Merchandiser/ Display Designer

Are you ambitious to become a Visual Merchaniser/Display Designer? Have you got previous visual merchandising experience that you would like to share with us? Are you a creative person and could use your creative flair to produce beautiful window displays to attract customers into our shops? Whether you are a student looking for Summer volunteering opportunities to gain valuable experience, or someone who is looking for a longer volunteering opportunity we would love you to come and join our volunteer Visual Merchandising Team.

We have 13 charity shops around Nottinghamshire which contribute to the amount we need to raise each year to run the hospice. All the shops have a full-time manager, but other than this are staffed entirely by volunteers.

We are looking for people to help in Visual Merchandising. Responsibilities may include;

• Creating displays for shop windows
• Creating displays within shops of clothing, shoes, bric-a-brac, books or new goods
• Rearranging items to maximise the aesthetic appeal of the shop
• Make the most of the space provided to display items attractively and increase sales within stores

There is also the opportunity to get involved with other jobs in the shop but the main role is to create great displays within stores.

What’s in it for You

• Opportunity to join and work as part of the hospice team.
• Contribute to providing a large part of the hospice funding that enables us to provide our services to patients for free.
• Gain new skills, use existing talents and increase your confidence.
• Gain work experience if considering a career change or looking for paid work in the field.
• Give something back to the local community.
• Do something valuable and rewarding with your free time.
• Meet new people and get involved in our regular social and fundraising events.

We would generally ask for a commitment of at least one morning/afternoon a week. The shops are open from Monday-Saturday. You may work in one particular shop or work across two or more regularly. Shop locations are:

Burton Joyce
Parliament Street (City centre)
West Bridgford

Interested? Fill in the Volunteer Application Form at the left hand side of this page.