Nottinghamshire Hospice

Adding Life to Days

Healthcare professionals

Nottinghamshire Hospice is a registered charity and has been delivering palliative and end of life care to the people of Nottinghamshire since 1980. We are registered as an adult service provider with the Care Quality Commission.

The hospice cares for people who healthcare professionals think are probably in their last year of their life. Our services are tailored to support the care delivered by statutory services, and to provide additional help when needed.

Hospice at Home

Our Hospice at Home service provides support for people who are thought to be in the last six months of life and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help patients in their own homes for between 4 and 9 hours, so we can be flexible according to the help each patient needs.

The hospice’s team of trained and experienced registered nurses and healthcare assistants provide the Hospice at Home care, and we always try to match their skills to the needs of each patient. Spending more time with a patient and continuity of care means that nurses have the time to understand a patient’s care needs, which helps with their assessment and care planning.

Day Therapy

Our Day Therapy centre provides support to people who are thought to be in the last 12 months of their life. Care and treatment are provided between 9.00a.m. and 4.00p.m. Monday to Friday by a dedicated multidisciplinary team of professionals, who are supported by a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

While at the unit, our hospice doctor, nurses and allied health professionals assess and monitor patients’ health and wellbeing, offering advice and treatment, especially for pain and symptom management. We also offer one-to-one patient-focused support from a physiotherapist, and a confidential counselling service for patients and families.

Patients have access to a range of other support services, such as art therapy and complementary therapies, designed to provide relief and distraction from day-to-day issues. They provide an opportunity for patients to meet others with similar illnesses, allow them to explore  their feelings and release any pent-up emotions through specially planned activities.

Our Referral Criteria

To refer a patient please visit our How to refer page or find out more about the Referral process.

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