Nottinghamshire Hospice

Adding Life to Days


Physiotherapy is an important part of rehabilitative palliative care and improves patients’ quality of life and comfort.

Our physiotherapist specialises in palliative and neurological care and works with patients to help them in a number of ways. This may include those who are experiencing:

  • difficulty walking
  • becoming prone to falling
  • breathlessness and finding it increasingly difficult to breathe while doing activities
  • weakness, fatigue, pain and other symptoms

We work with patients to find out their aims and goals so we can use our knowledge and skills to sustain physical functioning and independence for as long as possible. This helps to maintain and improve their quality of life, and to reduce the burden of care on the caregivers.

If you think that you or a friend or loved one may benefit from physiotherapy at Nottinghamshire Hospice, please call us on 0115 962 1222, email or click here to fill in a form online.