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Adding Life to Days

Our partners and the benefits of partnership

Here are a list of our current partners:

The benefits of partnership

At Nottinghamshire Hospice we focus on the individual in the care and support we provide; we are compassionate, good listeners, and realistic about the hope that we offer. Our work is underpinned by a value-based approach to how we work with and walk alongside people. We aim to demonstrate our values in all that we do; by sharing them with our partners and collaborators we believe we add value to others and increase the impact of the work we do together.

We offer the opportunity to:

  • Make one plus one equal more than two! We achieve this by sharing our knowledge and 35 years’ experience of palliative and end of life care. We work in partnership with Clinical Commissioning Groups, Healthcare Trusts and smaller providers to improve their understanding of the challenges faced by those in need of palliative or end of life care
  • We are a skills based organisation. We are skilled in relationship management, fundraising and ensuring people gain value from their experience. Our community of supporters grew by 20% in 2014 and we retain more than 370 volunteers year on year
  • We will support our partners when times are less easy by remaining committed to our shared goals and bring our creativity and enthusiasm to everything we do
  • By working collaboratively we are able to increase access to income for all partners – we have been successful in winning tenders and grants in partnership with Hospice UK, Treetops and CityCare
  • Our partnerships allow us to speak to new audiences about our work and the difference we make and we encourage our partners to share their work with us and our supporters. We have been working in partnership with Experian and their volunteers have supported our patients through horticulture. Simultaneously, we have been able to share an understanding of their work in managing finances with our patients

In summary we believe that participation at all levels of an organisation makes for the best partnerships. We think about our work together as a journey which starts when we share information about ourselves and listen to our partners’ ambitions, deciding together whether we have shared values and the same drive to make a difference. When we understand each other and agree, we collaborate and act to make change happen and the result is MAGIC!

At Nottinghamshire Hospice we understand that true partnership is not a one-way street, it’s about a mutually beneficial relationship – if you would like to explore how a partnership with Nottinghamshire Hospice could also be beneficial for you please get in touch with Rowena Naylor-Morrell, CEO at Nottinghamshire Hospice, on 0115 910 1008.