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East Midlands Hospices

There are many different types of hospice but the most significant division is between independent or charitable hospices such as Nottinghamshire Hospice and NHS hospices which, in Nottinghamshire means Hayward House and John Eastwood. NHS hospices, as the name suggests, are fully funded by the NHS, but have a charitable trust in place to fundraise for the extras such as personal care packs for visiting carers, toys or comfortable seating. Independent or charitable hospices like Nottinghamshire Hospice rely on charitable fundraising to cover the majority of their operating costs as well as making their holistic approach to care possible.  For Nottinghamshire Hospice this figure is approximately 75%.

Across the East Midlands our network of independent hospices meet regularly to share good practice, collaborate and raise awareness of hospice care. At Nottinghamshire Hospice we have recently worked closely with:

  • Ashgate Hospice on learning from their experience of being a pilot Care Quality Commission site
  • LOROS Hospice on developing our policy framework
  • Beaumond House and Treetops to develop an integrated pathway that covers everyone living in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. This will mean seamless hospice care no matter what a patient’s postcode is
  • Rainbows and Bluebell Children’s Hospice to collaborate to build better transition services for children moving into adult services

This is in addition to our work with the wider East Midlands hospice group to improve investment in our work.   Our approach is informed by the experience and knowledge of the difference collaboration can make in other sectors and the work of Hospice UK’s ‘Commission into the Future of Hospice Care’, 2013.