Nottinghamshire Hospice

Adding Life to Days

Hospice at Home

Our Hospice at Home service is an integral part of our care within the local community. We take the skills, ethos and practical care that patients receive at the hospice into the home environment, if that is where patients would prefer to be.

We work closely with GPs and District Nurses so that people with life-limiting illness can be cared for at home, and die at home if that is their preference. The service is flexible which allows us to respond quickly if a patient’s condition changes rapidly and because we can provide high-level care, people can sometimes avoid having to go into hospital or be discharged from hospital and receive the care they need in their own home instead.

Respite care

Our Hospice at Home service also acts as respite care for families and carers, particularly if they are struggling to provide round-the-clock care for a loved one.

It’s a countywide service and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with shifts to accommodate patients’ needs. A typical shift is 4 to 9 hours but we are flexible and always fit in with our patients.

Our staff

We have a team of experienced dedicated nurses and healthcare assistants who work closely with patients to identify what is important to them and are committed to providing high quality care to help meet those goals. The team provides physical, emotional, social and spiritual care through advice, assessment, care planning, treatment and evaluation of the care given.

Coordinating Care

When we receive a request for care our dedicated coordination team – led by a registered nurse – reviews a patient’s needs and matches them to our staff’s skills. This can be challenging because it may conflict with our commitment to ensure continuity of care with the same nurses but our aim is always to provide the best possible care according to each person’s requirements.


In the very near future we are hoping to extend our volunteer services so that more of the services people can access at the hospice will be available to patients in their own homes or in their local community.

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