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Who we are

Our Board

Our Board of Trustees consists of local people who bring a wide range of professional and life experience with them. They guide the organisation on all issues which ensure we are compliant with our legal requirements, meet the charitable aims for which we were established and the strategic direction of the charity. They listen to patients, staff, volunteers and our wider community and together with the Executive team, set the strategic direction and ensure we live our mission and achieve our vision.

Main Responsibilities

  • To ensure that the charity and its representatives work within the legal and regulatory framework of a charity, a company limited by guarantee and our articles and memorandum.
  • To act for public interest, reflecting the trust gifted to the charity by our patients, their loved one, our communities, staff and volunteers.
  • To ensure that the resources of the Charity are used for the purpose they were made available, whether a voluntary donation, a statutory contract, a legacy or a simple act of kindness.
  • To determine the overall direction and development of the charity through good governance and clear strategic planning.
Joane Brunner

Joanne Brunner

Chair of the Board

Joanne has worked at a strategic level in large companies and uses her expertise to guide the Board towards excellence in charity governance.

Collin Peacock

Colin Peacock

Treasurer and Chair of Strategy Corporate Governance

Colin is an accountant and leads one of the largest accountancy firms as managing director, he supports us in all financial issues.

Anne Rowe

Ann Rowe

Member of Quality and Safety

Ann is a registered nurse and supports the work of the Quality and Safety committee with her specialist knowledge of health systems and building resilience.

Asset 5

Patrick Taylor

Member of Strategy Corporate Governance and Quality and Safety

Patrick has worked at Director level in the housing and charity sector and brings to the board a range of strategic experience in project management, charity retail and care services.

Asset 3

Vanessa Doel

Member of Quality and Safety

Vanessa is an experienced Nottingham based GP and a GP Specialist Advisor for the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Her focus on the quality and safety of Healthcare provision brings additional clinical knowledge and skills to the Quality and Safety Committee.


Becky Whittaker

Member of Quality and Safety 

Becky has worked as a Registered Nurse across a range of NHS, voluntary and education settings, bringing to the board a wealth of passion, knowledge and expertise in end-of-life care delivery to support the strategic development of the hospice.


Richard Rolls

Member of Strategy and Corporate Governance

Richard is an Accountant specialising in Risk Management. He brings experience of Strategy Development, Governance and Operations through his work in the Financial Services and Retail business sectors.

Join our board

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of Nottinghamshire Hospice – overseeing our financial health and ensuring all activities comply with the necessary rules and regulations. We’re always looking for new trustees and are keen to hear from people with relevant professional skills and experience.