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Bereavement Support

The death of a close relative or friend can be devastating and can bring about very strong emotions. For some people, grieving starts at the time of death and for others it starts at the time of diagnosis. The grieving process affects people in different ways. That’s why we treat you as an individual and provide the support most suitable for you.

If you’ve experienced the expected death of a relative, friend or partner or you’ve been affected by a palliative diagnosis, and your GP is in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire, our Pre & Post Bereavement Services are here to help you.

Our care is person-centred and non-judgemental – it’s simply a safe space to be heard. There’s no right or wrong way to approach grief, and everyone deals with things differently. After a bereavement, you may feel a need to talk and will find that helpful. You may well have friends or family you can talk to but being able to talk to someone entirely outside the situation is important.

Free bereavement and emotional support

All our services are free. You may be referred by a healthcare professional, or you can refer yourself by phoning 0115 962 1222 where our Care Coordination Team will take the details. Our Bereavement Team will then contact you.

After referral you’ll have your first appointment with an experienced member of our team. This gives you an opportunity to talk through what is going on for you and get an idea of the type and level of support you might find helpful. If you then decide you’d like ongoing support, we’ll arrange this as soon as possible, at a time convenient to you.

I’d been a 24-hour carer for at least two years. I was so busy doing everything I didn’t realise I was neglecting myself and a couple of months after my husband died I hit a brick wall. It really helped to have someone unrelated to talk to where there was no pressure to keep everything in. Counselling was the answer, I’d recommend it to anyone.

Emotional Support

Support is given by trained volunteers who have experience of working with bereaved people. They offer a listening ear and an understanding of the ways bereavement may affect you.

Emotional support is provided weekly for up to 12 sessions, with the possibility of extending this if required. We can provide support at the hospice or over the telephone.

Emotional support


Counselling is provided by fully qualified counsellors, and those in training. The difference between counselling and emotional support is not always obvious, but if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or are dealing with more complex or difficult issues, you will usually be offered counselling. This does still depend on your own sense of what will be most helpful to you.

Counselling is offered for up to 12 weekly sessions which can take place face-to-face, by telephone, or on Zoom.


Bereavement Support Groups

The hospice runs two monthly peer support groups for people who have been bereaved to share experiences and support each other. One of these groups meets virtually on Zoom, the other is at the hospice.

The team also runs a face-to-face therapeutic group.

Bereavement Buddies

The group that meets at the hospice is called Bereavement Buddies. It meets on the first Monday of each month (except bank holidays) from 2 – 4 pm. Anyone grieving the loss of a loved one is welcome to attend. There’s no need to book, just drop in.

Virtual Bereavement Support Group

The virtual meeting takes place on the last Saturday of the month. Those wanting to attend should contact the team via or 0115 962 1222 to register for the Zoom invitation.

Time-limited Therapeutic Groups

These are therapeutic face-to-face groups which run for a six-week period at Nottinghamshire Hospice. For details of when the next one is running, contact the Bereavement Support Team at or 0115 962 1222

Bereavement Support Groups in other areas

The hospice has also started running bereavement support sessions in Clifton and West Bridgford. We have plans in the future to provide sessions in other areas as we extend our bereavement support services across the city and county.

These are free sessions with trained counsellors or emotional support staff and volunteers on hand. Refreshments will be provided. There’s no need to book, just drop in.

They offer an opportunity for bereaved people to meet and share experiences with others in a similar situation.


Cornerstone Clifton, 571 Southchurch Drive, NG11 8EW: 2-4 pm, last Tuesday of every month.

Academy, Asda, Loughborough Road, West Bridgford, NG2 7JA: 2-4 pm, first Thursday of every month.

For more details on any of these groups please contact the Support Services Team on  or 0115 962 1222.

If you think that you or a friend or loved one may benefit from our care, please call us on 0115 962 1222, email or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

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Bereavement Support

Death can be devastating and can bring about very strong emotions.

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