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Donate to our charity shops

Your donations really matter to us. We understand the value they had to you and we convert them, on your behalf, into hospice care. Each quality item is examined, prepared and moves swiftly onto the shop floor, to auction, or is sold online. What we cannot sell we recycle. Our shops work hard to raise every penny they can for care, so please support us.

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Why donate to us?

We’re skilled at reusing, repurposing or recycling your donation and realising your wish to make sure someone’s last days are better with hospice care.

By giving not binning things you no longer use, you’ll also be supporting your community by reducing landfill and protecting natural resources. Don’t forget to gift aid your donation every time!

How to donate your goods

Simply bring your goods to one of our shops. There’s parking nearby and if you need assistance on arrival, call ahead as we’re pleased to help.

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How will your donation help?

Each bag on average will raise £25-30 towards patient care. We are always very grateful for all donations, however at the moment we urgently need donations of clothing, accessories, and homeware.

How will your donation help

Your donations

What can I donate

Clothing Icon


Good quality ladieswear, menswear and childrenswear; vintage and retro - whatever you’ve discovered at the back of your wardrobe. You might not love it anymore but there’s someone out there who will!

Homeware Icon


Donations must be free of all damage but might be kitchenware, tableware, pictures, mirrors, collectables, or soft furnishings.



All those things which finish an outfit! Boots, belts, bags and bling amongst other things.

Books Icon


If you’re an avid book reader but running out of space, then why not donate your books, pass on the enjoyment and support Hospice care at the same time.

Unwanted Gift

Unwanted Gifts

Still got that toiletry set that Aunt Maud bought you last Christmas or that pair of fluffy slippers that just aren’t you? Believe it or not, someone out there will want them!

Music & Art icon

Music and Art

Whether it’s old vinyl, CDs or DVDs, modern, abstract or classical, there’s always a customer out there looking to improve their music and art collection.



We welcome toys to pass on to the next generation of children. Due to health and safety laws, soft toys must have the CE label. Unfortunately, we cannot accept broken, soiled or damaged toys.

Electrical Goods

Electrical Goods

We will gladly accept most electrical items that are in full working order (with the exception of white goods).

Specilised Goods

Specialised Goods

Maybe you have a stamp collection, or valuable items that you don’t want to be overlooked or get damaged when you bring them into us. Simply inform the shop manager when donating your items and they’ll ensure that your donation is set aside for valuation.

What can I donate

Items we are unable to accept


Soiled clothing, bedding, or curtains

Unfortunately, these are some of a few items that we can't accept! We're unable to sell them in our shops as people won’t buy dirty items.


Incomplete jigsaw puzzles and games

It’s no fun spending hours on a jigsaw only to find a piece missing or playing a game with makeshift pieces, so we don’t sell them!

Broken Goods

Broken toys

Unfortunately, these are some of few items that we can't accept! We're unable to sell them in our shops.

Damaged Homeware

Damaged homewares such as old pots and pans

These items can be dangerous to handle! We're unable to accept them as donations.

White Goods

White goods

At this time, we do not have the facilities to test that they are working and safe.

Fire Label

Furniture without the fire safety labels

We’re unable to sell furniture if it doesn’t meet fire safety standards we can’t guarantee safety without the labels.


Large old televisions

These don’t sell and end up costing us to dispose of them.

Nursery Goods

Nursery furniture, prams and pushchairs

For safety reasons, we can’t guarantee that these are suitable for babies or that there hasn’t been previous damage to the items.

Bike Helmet

Bicycle helmets

For safety reasons, we can’t guarantee that helmets are safe to use or that there hasn’t been previous damage to them.

We cannot sell or recycle heavily soiled clothing, broken bric-a-brac, yellowed books or damaged goods so please do not include these in your donation.

Disposing of such items costs the Hospice over £20,000 a year; this equates to 1,429 hours of care that we could give to our patients.

We want to offer the best to our customers, reduce waste management costs to the Hospice and minimise landfill. We only accept donations that we can convert into cash for care. The items above do not offer that opportunity.

If you’re not sure whether we are able to accept the item you’d like to donate, please call us on 0115 970 1427 or email

Volunteer in our shops

Do you have good communication skills and enjoy helping people? We are looking for volunteers to help in our charity shops. Working as part of a team you will be helping to contribute towards raising funds for the hospice.   This is great role where you will make friends, have fun and learn new skills.