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Our Care

Hospice in Your Home

Our dedicated palliative nursing team are here to care for you and your family in your own home, during the day and night. Our aim is to provide high quality, round-the-clock care and support to you and your carers to enable you to remain in your home. This might be through overnight or daytime shifts or shorter visits during the day or night.

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We have registered nurses and experienced healthcare assistants who are there to support you as needed. We prioritise our care to those that are the most poorly and those who may not have available carers. This means that we don’t book shifts a long time in advance so we can be as responsive as possible. If you need to talk to us about anything to do with your care needs please contact the care coordinators to discuss this on 0115 962 1222.


We hope you’ll find being cared for by our team a reassuring and supportive experience; the very best in palliative care in your home.

In 2019, CNN journalist Dominic Rech, came out with us on a nightshift shadowing the night support team. Click here to view the video.

Registered Nurses

Our registered nurses provide patients with physical and emotional support. They work closely with individuals and their care team to coordinate care, offer advice and manage symptoms. Nurses help patients maintain independence, comfort and quality of life and can signpost to other specialist services if needed.

Registered nurses are also able to give any anticipatory medicines, complete dressings and administer tube feeds as required. This minimises delays in patients receiving care and supports the District Nurse Service.

Healthcare Assistants

Our healthcare assistants are experienced in providing physical and emotional support. They can offer advice when needed and contact the district nurses if you need additional care that is beyond their role. They cannot administer medications but can prompt or assist and perform simple dressings. Our teams offer shorter visits during the day or night to provide practical support including help with personal care, anxiety and continence care.

Care Coordinators

Led by a registered nurse, our care coordinators work from 8.00 am to 10.30 pm to ensure all our patients and their families have the correct information when care is booked. This includes letting you know which staff member is attending and at what times. They take all the referrals to our services and liaise with community teams about the care needs of the patients.

The care coordinators process all requests for care and are on hand to answer your queries, they’ll explain all our services and arrange the most appropriate service for you – either a visit or a shift. Please call them with any queries you may have about Hospice in your Home.

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I cannot thank you and your team enough for your constant help with my mum especially towards the end. The hospice staff were a constant help not only to my mum but also me, especially at times when I was there on my own at night.

What to expect when we visit for a day or night shift

We know that having someone new coming into your home can be a daunting experience. All our staff wear a uniform and clean sensible shoes and will always carry an identity badge.

If a member of staff is coming for an extended period, we will phone you in advance to introduce the service, to check you are expecting our visit and to check if there are any special arrangements for access and parking.

Our staff member will need a comfortable chair to sit on plus a lamp or light at night and access to the kettle and toilet. You do not need to provide food for them. Our staff expect to work in a smoke free environment.

We’ll care for you and support you, allowing your carer, friends or family to take a break.

Please ask for further information on our other services including therapy and wellbeing, and bereavement support.

If you think that you or a friend or loved one may benefit from our care,

please call us on 0115 962 1222, email info@nottshospice.org or fill in the form below.

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