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Forget Me Not Flowers

Our hand painted steel Forget-Me-Not flowers and personalised leaves are a beautiful way to remember someone and will look stunning in any home, garden or outdoor space.

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By ordering your Forget-Me-Nots and personalised leaves, you’ll help the hospice become the best we have ever been and provide the care that you know – as we do – is making a world of difference to people at the end of life, and to those around them.


Forget-Me-Not Flower

Every Forget-Me-Not is unique and each stunning blue flower is handcrafted from steel here in the UK.

Flowers are £15 each plus postage

Forget-me-not flower

NEW FOR 2021

Personalised Forget-Me-Not Leaf

Our Forget-Me-Not leaves fit onto your Forget-Me-Not flower stem and complete a touching flower memorial to remember loved ones. They can be personalised with a dedication of your choice.

Leaves are £5 plus postage


“The forget-me-not is a beautiful addition to my garden, a bright and comforting reminder of my grandad. It’s very special to have something to remember the great work the hospice did to support my family.”



“I love my forget-me-not. It’s a fitting memorial and makes me think of Brian.”



“It’s really special being able to send my mum a Forget Me Not flower to show her I miss her. We both have one in our gardens to remind us of each other while we can’t meet up. When I look at mine I think of her.”


Buy Now 

Buy your Forget-Me-Not flowers and personalised leaves here, or call us on 0115 910 1008 ext 295 to order over the telephone.

If you would like your flower to arrive with you in time for a specific date, please get in touch with Rebecca on and we will do our best to accommodate this for you.

Get in touch

If you’d like to chat to us about our Forget-Me-Not flowers and personalised leaves, or find out more about other ways to support us, please contact us on or 0115 910 1008 ext 295.

Thank you.