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Remember us in your will

Ensure your legacy lives on by leaving us a gift in your will. These incredible gifts enable us to provide much-needed care and support in your name when you’re no longer with us.

Legacy Hero

To pledge a gift to charity in your will is one of the most meaningful and precious gifts you can leave in your memory. It ensures that your legacy lives on, enabling you to continue supporting others in your absence. It’s a gift that we will value and treasure on your behalf, as will those who’ll benefit from your kind generosity.

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Adding life to days

If this is an idea that interests you, we invite you to speak to one of our fundraising team. You can learn more about the impact of your legacy gift, what it will mean for our patients, families and carers and how we will recognise your pledge.

We’d like to ensure that once your pledge has been made, you really feel like one of the hospice family, remaining up to speed with our news, developments and information about upcoming events you may like to attend.

Why make a Will?

Your Will is one of the most important documents you’ll ever sign – it ensures that the things you leave behind will go to the people and causes you care about. These include your home, bank accounts, investments, and your possessions.

It can also set out your wishes in relation to your funeral and who you would like to be the guardians of your children, should you die whilst they are young.  Writing a Will makes sorting out your affairs much clearer and easier for your family after your death, preventing unnecessary strain and worry at a distressing time.

If you die without making a Will, you’ll have died intestate, meaning that if no relatives are found and you are not married, then your estate will go to the Crown. The estate will often not simply pass on to a spouse entirely, and if unmarried then there is a real danger of them being entitled to nothing.

Get in touch

To talk to us about leaving a gift in your will, please call our fundraising team on 0115 910 1008 option 5 or email fundraising@nottshospice.org

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