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Create a lasting online memorial for a loved one

The memory of someone special will stay with us always and a tribute fund helps family and friends comes together to share that memory. Celebrating the life of a loved one through purposeful fundraising is truly special and will leave the most precious legacy in their name.

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Your tribute fund will sit proudly in the name of your loved one on its own web page. You can also invite family and friends to share their memories, creating a lasting tribute.

The way you, your family and friends choose to remember your loved one and contribute to your tribute fund is up to you. You could:

∙ Give a gift on anniversaries in recognition of that special time
∙ Organise an event to honour their memory at a significant time of year
∙ Take on a sponsored challenge in their name
∙ Request donations to the fund in lieu of presents on birthdays and anniversaries
∙ Set up a regular monthly gift

Your support will make a difference to people with life-limiting conditions

The money you raise will help our nurses, therapists, and bereavement workers to provide care and support for people throughout Nottinghamshire who are affected by life-limiting illnesses.

Your support will help us to fund the nursing care, medical and other vital services we provide to people throughout Nottinghamshire. We need to raise nearly £3 million a year to be able to deliver our current services to patients and their carers through donations, legacies, our weekly lottery and fundraising activities. So your support really will make a difference.

Once you’ve set your tribute up, you can share your page via email, Facebook, Twitter or mobile,
and friends and family can make donations and leave messages on it.

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