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10th October 2023

Hospice Care Week: Julie’s story

During Hospice Care Week we are celebrating the staff and volunteers who make our care possible. Sometimes it’s the care itself that influences people to join the hospice team. Today we share Julie’s story.

Julie 2

Julie Hart joined the hospice a year ago as Executive Assistant. Her role includes diary management, organising meetings, taking minutes, liaising with trustees and other administrative duties across various departments.

Experience of hospice care

She learnt about the hospice when she experienced its care first hand before her mum passed away in May 2022. The hospice support enabled Julie and other family members to care for her mum at home at the end of her life.

Julie said: “Mum came out of hospital and passed away within a week. We had Hospice at Home care for two nights which was such a big help as it allowed us to go home at night-time and get some sleep. The nurse who came was wonderful.

“We felt reassured leaving Mum in the care of someone experienced and trustworthy.”

When Julie came into the hospice with a donation from her mum’s funeral, she decided she’d like to work here, so kept an eye on vacancies.

Julie says: “A year on, I’m glad I made the move. I still love working here. Everyone is kind. It’s good to know you’re working for an organisation that makes a difference and helps families in the same situation we were in.”

Julie’s partner, Carl, also works at the hospice, and they recently got married!

If you’d like to play a part in the care we provide by joining our team, we have paid and volunteer roles available. Find out more here.