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14th March 2019

Open Up Hospice Care: Anna's story

Open Up Hospice Care: Anna's story

During the Open Up Hospice Care campaign, we’re featuring stories which show how our care supports families across Nottinghamshire. Today we bring you Anna’s story. 

Anna’s mother Cecilia Freyne died in 2004 after the bladder cancer she’d been treated for spread to her womb. Support from Nottinghamshire Hospice enabled her to achieve her wish of dying at home with family around her.

Anna, said: “She wanted to die in her own bed in her own home with her family around her looking out at the dahlias in her garden. It meant such a lot to her and to the whole family that she got her wish.

“It was a difficult time for our family as my father had Alzheimer’s when my mother was dying. I don’t know what we would have done without the support from the hospice. That’s why I started fundraising to help this great local charity.”

Since Cecilia’s death, Anna has raised £50,000 for Nottinghamshire Hospice by putting on twice-yearly curry lunches at Nottingham’s Laguna Tandoori Restaurant.

Gemma Taylor-Mahon, Community Fundraiser at Nottinghamshire Hospice, says: “Anna’s generosity and dedication for over ten years has been outstanding.  It highlights how Nottinghamshire Hospice makes a significant difference to people’s lives. The astonishing amount of money Anna has raised is a testament to her hard work and ability to host a brilliantly successful event. We are incredibly grateful for her continued support.”

Here’s how you can help us open up hospice care to more families in Nottinghamshire