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14th March 2019

Open Up Hospice Care: Vivienne's story

Open Up Hospice Care: Vivienne's story

During the Open Up Hospice Care campaign, we’re featuring patient stories which show how our care supports families across Nottinghamshire. Today we bring you Vivienne’s story. 

Vivienne Wendy Price had had breast cancer three times then it spread to her kidneys and bones. Her daughters, Natalie and Claire, were told there were no more treatment options available. After that Vivienne became very poorly and went into hospital several times with respiratory problems, then on one occasion she collapsed at home and was taken to Accident and Emergency where staff told her daughters that Vivienne did not have much time left.

“Mum was on a ward but you could see she wasn’t happy. She needed to be at home and she was adamant that’s where she wanted to be,” said Natalie. “So we got her home. Somebody at the hospital got in touch with Nottinghamshire Hospice who sent nurses to the house to give mum her medication and care for her in shifts through the day and night.”

After three days the Hospice at Home nurse advised Natalie and Clare that their mother was approaching end of life, and both daughters were able to be with Vivienne when she died.

“The nurse that night was fantastic,” said Natalie. “We didn’t know what to expect, and she explained everything. It was one of the most peaceful deaths. I was stroking mum’s head and holding her hands then she stopped clutching my hand. The nurse recorded time of death and said ‘your mum’s passed away and is at peace.’ I couldn’t have wished for anything more.

“Without you guys coming, mum would never have got home. She just wanted to be with us at home and you made that possible. It was wonderful.  You also helped me and my sister so much by explaining everything, which was so reassuring as we had no idea what to expect.”

Since Vivienne’s death, her family have stayed in touch and have raised funds for the hospice.

Here’s how you can help us open up hospice care to more families in Nottinghamshire