Nottinghamshire Hospice

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Referral process for Hospice Care

Anyone can be referred to the hospice, however, we will check that a patient has consented to the referral to make sure that it is right for him or her during our assessment of their needs. We will also write to their GP for consent to engage in the assessment and management of the patient’s condition. If a referral is urgent, we will endeavour to complete this initial assessment within 2 working days.

Once a person has been accepted by the hospice we will contact them to let them know how the referral process works and book in a time to meet them, either in their home or at the hospice.

Following an initial assessment, we’ll discuss their needs and how the hospice can help them, and agree outcomes for their care. This may be attendance at our Day Therapy unit, for a full or part day, care from a hospice nurse or healthcare assistant in their own home, or a combination of both.

We will also talk to them about travelling to and from the hospice as we can provide transport in a minibus or car if needed.

Assessment and Monitoring

We assess and monitor patients’ progress against their outcomes and goals throughout their time with us. If we are unable to safely meet a patient’s needs, or the person no longer requires input from the hospice, they will be discharged from the service. When someone is discharged we develop a discharge plan with other healthcare professionals to ensure that the discharge is safe and properly managed. Patients can be re-referred back to any of our services at any time if they need to be.

What patients can expect

During their first contact with the hospice or our staff, we give people a welcome pack to tell them about the hospice and the services they’ll be using.

All of our patients have access to:

  • A programme of intervention using both one-to-one or group activities
  • A formal review at 12 weeks with a view to continuing or discharging care

Carers’ and relatives’ needs are also important and are included in our assessment so that we can offer them advice, support or signpost them to other help.

To make a referral please visit How to refer to hospice care.