Nottinghamshire Hospice

Adding Life to Days

Our approach to partnership

At the heart of our work with patients, staff and stakeholders is a commitment to collaboration. We understand that whilst we have both specialist and generic knowledge and skills, we need to join up with other people if we want to make a real difference to the people approaching the end of their lives due to terminal or life-limiting illness.

Our approach is based on 3 pillars of value

  • Acceptance that the person we work alongside is the expert in their area of understanding – this may be a patient and their condition, a commissioner and their knowledge of outcomes or an ambassador or person of influence and their commitment to the relationships they hold
  • A belief that we – organisations or people – are always better together. This may be in relation to our or our organisation’s health and wellbeing or an ability to make a bigger, better and more meaningful commitment
  • Respect and dignity. We value each individual for their contribution, without judgement or pre-conceived expectations.  We see all relationships from a perspective of assets to the community rather than liabilities with little to offer.  By adopting this perspective we know we will always achieve the best that we can by utilising the best that people, organisations or institutions offer

Our commitment to our partners

Our commitment is one built on our experience of the difference that can be achieved when trust, honesty and a shared commitment are in place.  We work to achieve this by:

  • Always striving to do what we say, when we say we will do it
  • Communicating openly and truthfully at all times and ensuring the understanding of all those involved
  • Believing that whilst a partnership is with the hospice, a relationship is between people.  We will provide an environment in which our people can build strong relationships with all those they meet
  • Sharing our vision, involving partners in shaping our vision and being able to confidently share it with others
  • Demonstrating in all we do our understanding of confidentiality, data protection and commercial sensitivity
  • Listening and being accepting of criticism, seeking always to improve
  • Ensuring we never stop learning as individuals or an organisation from all the lives and organisations we meet and travel alongside
  • Committing to being the best we can and enabling others to excel through our partnerships and collaborations

We are open to working in partnership with all communities, organisations and individuals at all times.  If you would like to explore partnership working with Nottinghamshire Hospice please contact Rowena Naylor-Morrell, CEO for Nottinghamshire Hospice, on 0115 910 1008.

Winners of the De Vere Not-For-Profit Organisation Award at the Nottingham Post Business Awards 2019
Winners of the De Vere Not-For-Profit Organisation Award at the Nottingham Post Business Awards 2019