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6th June 2019

Volunteers week: Renata's story

Volunteers week: Renata's story

During Volunteers Week we are featuring some of our wonderful volunteers and celebrating their contribution to our work. Today we bring you Renata’s story:

MA student Renata Watts started work as a volunteer fundraising assistant in March. She works one day a week at the hospice, fitting in her role alongside studying and working part time in a restaurant. Originally from Norwich, she came to Nottingham to study, first for a degree in psychology, now for her Masters in International Development.

Since joining us Renata, 22, has helped at events including the Ambassadors’ Dinner where she helped set up the event and staffed the cloakroom. She is now working with the team to plan events over the summer and helping out with admin duties.

Renata says: “I’m studying NGOs and charities as part of my MA course so it’s interesting to see how a charity works in practice and to learn about the funding and business side. It’s a lot more business focused than I expected. I’m interested to learn about building relationships with corporations and hope to go out on visits to businesses as part of my role.

“The hospice is an extremely positive and friendly place and a nice contrast to Uni and working life.”

When she has finished her MA, Renata wants to work abroad for an international NGO where she can build on the experience she’s gained at the hospice.

Her advice to anyone considering volunteering at the hospice is: “If you want to enhance your CV this is perfect, but whether you do it for your career or not it’s a fantastic opportunity. Nottinghamshire Hospice is very approachable. There are lots of events, so it’s varied and interesting and never boring! Whatever your interest there is something for you here as there are lots of different roles.”

Volunteers are an essential, highly valued part of the hospice team. There are many volunteer roles available including fundraising, patient care and working in our shops.  Find out more about volunteering with Nottinghamshire Hospice here.