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Forever Fund

Thank you for adding life to days


We think you are brilliant. Thank you for donating regularly.

You can see the kind of smile your donation has encouraged above.

You can’t put a price on a smile. However, we do know the costs of our care services and your gift is helping Nottinghamshire Hospice to continue that care around-the-clock. Donations are with us when we sit with someone through the night and when we help someone grieving understand they can carry on. When someone at the end of life enjoys their day and their carers rest, your gift will be there with us too.

Thank you for giving. If you don’t already and you’d like to help further then you might consider volunteering, following our updates online or asking someone else you know to give monthly – so we can tell them they are wonderful too.

But mainly, please just keep doing what you’re doing.

We’re smiling at the hospice because we’re grateful to have received your gift. We’re smiling because you’ve paid for something really special. We’re smiling because we love what we do.

Thank you

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