Nottinghamshire Hospice

Adding Life to Days

How your donation helps

What your donation helps to pay for:

£20 Therapy – Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki are just a few of the treatments that patients can receive to relieve their pain or sickness and help reduce anxiety. A donation of £20 would enable one patient to receive one of the above treatments.

£25 Creative Projects – Many patients find a project that they can work on each week such as a painting, mosaic, or making something like a Memory Box to pass to younger generations, helps to build their confidence and allows them to discover hidden talents. A donation of £25 would pay for all the materials for one patient’s creative project.

£30 Uniforms – We employ over 60 nurses and therapists in Day Therapy and Hospice at Home, and they all require two uniforms each. A donation of £30 would enable us to buy one pair of trousers and one tunic.

£43 Physiotherapy – Our Physiotherapist helps patients increase their mobility and helps them manage their pain and breathlessness to make them more comfortable. A donation of £43 would pay for one Physiotherapy session for one patient.

£52 Counselling Session – Patients and their families/carers often need counselling in order for them to come to terms with their illness. They also find great comfort in the Bereavement support provided. A donation of £52 would pay for one Counselling Session with a qualified Counsellor.

£160 A day in Day Therapy– Our patients are collected from home by our drivers, brought into the Hospice where they receive nursing care, social activities, Complimentary Therapies, medical advice and support in our beautiful Victorian house in the heart of Nottingham. Patients will also enjoy a nutritious two course lunch to meet their dietetic needs before relaxation in the afternoon.Day Therapy enables patients to really add life to days and gives carers much needed respite time. A donation of £160 would pay for one patient to attend Day Therapy including all transport, care and meals.

£280 Hospice at Home Night Session– When patients are very ill towards the end of their life and they wish to stay at home, one of our qualified nurses will provide care for the patient enabling their loved ones to have a much needed good nights sleep knowing the patient is being well cared for. A donation of £280 would pay for a Hospice Nurse to care for a patient in their own home for a night shift.

£1000 Specialist Chairs – Due to our patient’s multiple complex needs, specialist chairs are required to enable them to be as comfortable as possible whilst relaxing or receiving medical attention. A donation of £1000 would pay for a specialist chair for our Day Therapy facility.

£1200 Oxygen Concentrators– Many of our patients have chronic lung /respiratory disorders requiring oxygen to help them breath. Due to increase in patient numbers, we are only able take a limited amount of patients due to a lack of oxygen concentrators. A donation of £1200 would pay for an oxygen concentrator enabling more patients to use our facilities.