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Nottinghamshire Hospice is an independent local charity and we’ve been caring for adults in Nottinghamshire with cancer and other life-limiting or terminal illnesses, and supporting their family and carers, since 1980. All of our services are offered free of charge.

We offer:

Our Services

Hospice Outreach and Discharge Support Service

The new Hospice Outreach and Discharge Support Service combines urgent personal care and emotional support with therapies previously provided at the hospice, and is geared up to respond quickly to prevent people from being admitted to hospital or to support people to come home.

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Hospice Night Support

Our Hospice Night Support service helps patients and carers who require urgent palliative care and support during the night.

The service is available seven nights a week, 52 weeks a year from 10.00 pm through to 7.00 am for adults living in Greater Nottinghamshire.

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Our Hospice at Home service provides nursing care for adults with terminal and life-limiting illnesses in their own home.

Depending on your needs, our qualified nurses and experienced palliative healthcare assistants offer nursing care, advice and emotional support and can be with you for periods of 3-9 hours during the day or night. It’s like having you local hospice in the comfort of your own home.

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Day Therapy
In our Day Therapy Centre we specialise in a person-centred approach that focuses on achieving the best quality of life for patients and their families. Advice and support ranges from managing pain and symptom control, to exploring ways to improve mobility, nutrition, and emotional issues in a warm and relaxed environment. Our volunteers and staff also provide a wide range of activities designed to help patients join in, learn new skills and have fun.

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Our weekly wellbeing days take place at our Wellbeing Centre on Woodborough Road every Friday. The day consists of a series of workshops where you can:

  • Find time for reflection, friendship and support.
  • Discuss physical and emotional health needs.
  • Learn how to improve your wellbeing.
  • Find out ways to help you look after yourself or a loved one at home.
  • Learn new skills and hobbies in our creative workshops, such as clay crafts, printing, and gardening

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Complementary Therapy
Our therapists work closely with the nursing team to offer a number of treatments including massage, acupuncture, relaxation and aromatherapy. These are available for all patients and carers following assessment.

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Our physiotherapist specialises in palliative and neurological care and works with patients to help them in a number of ways. This may include those who are starting to have difficulty walking, are becoming prone to falling or are breathless and finding it increasingly difficult to breathe while doing activities.

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Counselling and Spiritual Support
Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness or are caring for someone who has, we know that it can feel isolating and overwhelming. You or your family may be experiencing all kinds of emotions, from anger to fear to disbelieve. We’re here for you and can provide a wide range of support on one-to-one and group basis, either at the hospice or at a suitable location for you.

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Bereavement Support
Bereavement support at Nottinghamshire Hospice is person-centred with no judgement – it’s simply a safe space to be heard. There’s no wrong or right way to approach grief and everyone deals with things differently. That’s why we have a range of support at our Day Therapy Centre, according to your needs. We can also arrange to see you at home or within your local community.

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Carer Support
Caring for someone, whether they’re a family member, partner or friend, is very rewarding but at times it can be stressful and feel isolating.

If you’re caring for a loved one, our carer support services are there to help you cope with the challenges of looking after someone and make it a less lonely experience.

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GriefLine - GriefLine emergency grief support, Nottinghamshire

GriefLine is a free, confidential service managed by Nottinghamshire Hospice. We connect people in need of emergency grief support with organisations able to provide support for those experiencing sudden, intense sorrow or sadness due to the death of someone they care for.

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If you’d like to speak to us to find out more about how we can help you, please call us on 0115 962 1222, email  or click here to fill in a contact form.

Winners of the De Vere Not-For-Profit Organisation Award at the Nottingham Post Business Awards 2019
Winners of the De Vere Not-For-Profit Organisation Award at the Nottingham Post Business Awards 2019